More than free training

Integration into Australian society starts from work. We have experienced career planners to help you plan and choose the most suitable course. There are hundreds of vocational courses, multiple cooperative campuses, and a variety of online and offline teaching methods. All of these are free. We help you register for courses At the same time, it will also help you apply for government tuition-free subsidies. After the training, we will help you recommend the internship positions that will enter the working state as soon as possible.

Why choose us

ANBO Education is a vocational education consulting agency that specializes in serving Melbourne Chinese. It aims to help Chinese truly integrate into Australian society through training and reemployment and realize their self-worth. We have a number of government-authorized cooperative schools and hundreds of vocational training courses. We have experienced career planners to help you choose the most suitable course. Many cooperative units can provide internships and employment opportunities. The first Melbourne full-track career planning, training, internship, and employment service organization, multilingual and efficient communication.

Professional Course Planner

Many professional planners who have lived in Australia for more than 20 years will show you the way to start life in Australia. According to your personal characteristics, we will help you choose the most suitable course, not just the courses of a specific school.

Full consultation service

Full tracking service, course registration is just the beginning, not the end. If there is any problem in the course, we will help you communicate with the school and solve the problem in time. After the course, introduce internship and employment opportunities.

Internship guidance

Work experience in Australia is very important. Many jobs without internship experience cannot work independently, which is equivalent to the L license of a driver’s license. We have a wealth of cooperation units that can provide you with internship and employment opportunities.

Multilingual service

Whether it is Mandarin, Cantonese, or English, you can communicate unimpededly. Efficient docking and consultation, no need to wait for immediate professional training consultation and advice.

Zero charge

We do not charge any additional fees to students. For PRs or Australian citizens over 18, we help apply for government-funded zero tuition admissions programs.

ANBO Education has helped many students get their second career​

Many students and our consultants have become old friends. They not only gain skills and work, but also realize the value of life. Integrate into society, give back to society, and enjoy society.

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